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Are you an employer searching for multilingual candidates who are especially fluent in English?

Who we are...
  • We are an online job advertising company dedicated to assisting employers to recruit the best multilingual candidates in Europe.
  • A down to earth, no-nonsense organization, staffed by highly experienced and friendly media professionals.
What we offer...
  • A highly efficient Job Advertisement service.
  • Competitive prices for your job advertisements.
  • With this service you advertise your job vacancy on our website and all the responses will come directly to you.
  • You can place your advertisement on our site for 4 weeks, two months or even a year - the choice is yours.
  • It is possible to include your company logo in the job advertisement, and you can add a direct link (hyperlink) to your own internet site.
Our candidates...
  • Are all fluent in English.
  • Are from a diversity of backgrounds such as Financial, Administrative, ICT, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Secretarial, Human Resources and Office Managers.
  • Can register on-line with us from anywhere in Europe; We receive several thousand CV's per month.

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